Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hime gyaru japanese 3d nails

Hime gyaru, 3D nails, Japanese nail art, hearts, lace, Minako

Searching for Japanese handmade nail art? We ship worldwide!
I'm a Japanese pro nail-tech working in Japan.
Perfect for your holiday, party, event, cosplay, or a photo shooting day!

The nails will come with the double-sided tapes to stick on.
The nails are re-usable.
Unlike regular acrylic extensions, you can easily remove them when soaking in hot water.
Therefore, you don't need to struggling with those chunky long nails for 2 weeks... just wear them when you want, from few minutes to a day!
If you don't need them, please let me know.
I cannot send you the instant glue, due to the restriction of the international shipping.
If you prefer the glue, please buy it your local store.

Be super cute as same as Japanese singers you admire! ;)

Long, pearly, very light pink base,
Lace designs 
Half pearls,
Clear UV gel coated

What is "UV gel"?
It's pro-use nail art material for coating, coloring, paint art, and building extensions.
Everyone hate when art messed up with "standard top coat"...
But with UV gel coating, paint and rhinestones won't fall off!
Very shiny effect, you'd love them :)

Please tell me your nails size! ^^
it's width.
please use a tape measure, or paper stripes.
thumbnails ex.) 1.5cm

The price is for a set of fake nails(12 pieces).

These nails will come in eco-friendly handmade box and cute wrapping paper with ribbon ;)

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

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