Monday, 16 May 2011

daily nails - OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Planks a Lot!

daily nails - OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection OPI Planks a Lot!

That said, the colors are fabulous, and the silver shatter is brilliant. (even though it doesn't show as much as I'd hoped over the muted colors)  

More thoughts after the photos- on to the swatches!

Bright pastel purple creme

This polish is a very pretty purple- a little darker than the average pastel, but I'd still consider it a pastel, though a strong one. :)  The silver shatter didn't really stand out over this one, they're too similar in density of color perhaps?

Opacity scale (1-5): 2.5

Use for Konad: So-so for stamping, doesn't show up amazingly on darker or lighter colors.

Finish: Creme, 2-3 coats to be opaque - depends on application

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