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MORE Info about Gel Nails - Introduction to "gel nails"

MORE Info about Gel Nails - Introduction to "gel nails"

Gel Nails are the future of the nail industry! Europe is already 90% GELS, the USA will be too within 10 years! Gels are and will be the "hot" service that clients demand. No other service can give clients both a natural nails look and feel combined with the convenience and durability of acrylic nails. Many clients have tired of acrylic nails in this past decade because of the disadvantages that can be associated with them (such as the odors and lifting and nail damage, etc) . These same clients now flock to salons in record numbers for "natural nail" manicures with many spa type add-ons to increase the ticket price. BUT…. Many of these clients have already grown weary of the weekly appointments and rigorous home maintenance requirements of "natural" nails. They want another alternative; they want natural beauty combined with strength and durability. Now you can give clients what they want…… Gel nails ARE the best of both worlds!

Gel nails are not just a service; Gel Nails are a philosophy…….
Immediate gratification and a healthy nail philosophy! Instant length and beauty can be achieved at the first visit by utilizing tips or forms in the gel nail full-set. The ultimate long-term goal with gels is for the client to end up growing out and wearing her (or his!) own long, strong, beautiful, HEALTHY nails under the gel; so that she is no longer to be considered wearing artificial nails, but with the gel becoming essentially just a very strong, bonded base coat to protect her own nails from cracking, splitting, peeling, chipping, etc. She is now wearing a nail enhancement, not "fake" nails, and the enhancement need never be removed, only maintained on a regular schedule! Just as hair color is an enhancement of her natural hair, not "fake" hair, and can be maintained indefinitely. Gel nail enhancements ARE the client's own natural nail…. ONLY BETTER! And gels are totally compatible and complementary to other salon add-on services such as paraffin wax or hand facials, to complete the total hand beauty regimen.
Clients want and are willing to pay for "high end" services
Just as the top department stores have defined a separate niche for themselves from the "mart" stores, so will Gel Nails be distinguished from many other nail care services. I believe Gel Nails will never be a "discount" service offered in a "discount salon" atmosphere. Gel Nails are a long term, lifestyle choice. Gel Nails are meant to be a permanent solution to hand and nail beauty, not a temporary quick-fix. Gel Nail philosophy is not compatible with the type of consumer looking for only a quick fix of short term or temporary nails (i.e. "party nails"). Every market has market segmentation, which is good for the providers and for the consumers. While some salons will always cater to quantity sales (i.e. "party nails" and walk-in type business), the Gel Nail philosophy demands commitment and planning and so will attract a clientele that is compatible with that service level. Just as Nieman Marcus does not "compete" with K-Mart, neither do Gel Nail salons compete with discount salons. Two very different market segments. Two very different service levels and service providers! Two very different prices!
Benefits of Gel Nails:
1) Odorless
2) Natural Feeling
3) Thin
4) Flexible
5) Crystal Clear
6) Light Weight
7) Natural looking
8) No lifting!

Myths about Gel Nails:

1) Myth: Gel nails are soooooo easy to do, they apply just like nail polish! Anyone can do them! (Then why isn't everybody already doing them?) The truth: "Gel nails are easy to learn, but hard to master".
2) Myth: Gel nails are "lumpy" because you can't file them or do finish work. The truth: Gel nails are non-porous and completely cured, there is no reason not to file them to perfection if needed!

Normal manicure table set-up (files, buffers, tips, forms, etc)
U-V Light(s):
Styles available
Bulb types
Gels: Many systems and types available
Primer/Bonder/Basecoat gels
Self –leveling gels, Non self-leveling gels
Thin, medium or thick viscosity, Builder Gels
Multi-purpose, One-component, Gloss coat/Sealers
White builder, White free-edge, Colored gels
Most non-soluble in acetone, some exceptions……
Gel Brushes
Gel Cleanser
Gel Wipes (lint free)

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