Saturday, 4 June 2011

Oooooh Prety - konad nail art

Oooooh Prety - konad nail art
For those of you who don't know about these little beauties, I can almost guarantee you will want them after you read this!

I love nail art and have been doing free hand designs on my beauty clients for about ten years, but there is always the odd thing i can picture in my head that I can't quite perfect on peoples nails......that was until now!!
I discovered Konad Nail Art at the beginning of the year and am now obsessed with doing my nails with different designs!

Konad Nail Art is a stamping tool which enables you to create stunning nail art designs that are as simple or as detailed as you like, it is really easy and doesn't take much time either.  You can can get these products directly from Konad or you can source them from other sites ( i got mine from eBay).

This is the double ended stamping tool and scraping tool that are the essential pieces of kit that you need.  You can also get a image plate holder but i personally don't think you need to have that.

 These are the three design plates that I chose to get first but I'm more than certain I will be purchasing a lot more!

As you can see from just this one plate you have six separate designs, the possibilities are endless!!

The best thing about using this form of nail art is that you can achieve results that look very much like Nail wraps such as minx but with out the cost!

If any of you already use Konad please send me some pictures, I would love to see your designs or if any one would like to see a specific design let me know, i would be happy to try them out and show them on here!

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