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cool nail designs, Holiday Nail Tips

cool nail designs, Holiday Nail Tips

"Instead of the regular orange and black for Halloween, I use a glow-in-the-dark nail polish. It's really cool because once it dries it looks really cool in the dark!" --Lea, 15, Charlestown, IN

"I love getting my nails done around the holidays! It's so much fun because you can play around with colors. When I get mine done, I usually get a full set (tips) painted with a French manicure. But right where the white ends on the top, I have the manicurist put a thin line of color, like red for Christmas, pink for Easter, and orange for Halloween. It looks adorable!" --Taylor, 14, Pittsburgh, PA

"I take gold nail polish and do a base coat and let it dry. Then I take green, put it on a toothpick, and do vertical lines and let it dry. Then, I use red and do horizontal lines and let that dry, and voilà! Christmas nails. And it also works for Halloween and Easter!" --Ashley, 14, Poncet, MS

"For holiday nails, I do a French manicure. Then, on the day before Christmas or Christmas Eve, I cut up a candy cane into REALLY tiny pieces and sprinkle the tips of my nails with the candy cane pieces. It stays on really well!" --Jillian, 15, Beecher, IL

"Around Christmas, I love using red polish on my toes. I will either put a shimmery gold on top of it to get holiday sparkle, or I take a toothpick and white polish and do a simple plaid pattern on only my big toes, leaving the others plain red. When I do the plaid, so many people ask me where I got it done, and are shocked when I tell them I did it myself. It is not only festive for the holidays but easy on the wallet!" --Mallory, 15, Pensacola, FL

"Paint your nails gold, and do red and green polka dots on every other one. They are so cute!" --Catherine, 15, Baton Rouge, LA

"For the holidays, I usually get very color-coordinated. For Halloween last year, I painted my nails orange, then applied a ghost appliqué on top of it and painted over with black. It was very cute. Then for Christmas I painted my nails a shimmery red. New Year's was more of a silver color. For Thanksgiving you can never go wrong with a bronze-colored brown. Very festive and very stylish!" --Emily, 15, Roanoke Rapids, NC

"I like going with a classic French manicure and adding a gem for sparkle. My nails match the snow, it's cute, and it goes with everything!" --Amelia, 16, Dimondale, MI

"For Halloween, I do my nails orange and make cute faces on them, like a jack-o'-lantern. For Christmas I do my nails green (preferably medium to dark), with colored dots, like a Christmas tree with lights on it!" --Madeline, 13, Prairie Village, KS

"Holiday nails are the best! They are so fun! For Halloween, instead of sticking to the everyday black and orange, I add glitter or nail stickers in cool Halloween shapes." --Grace, 16, Clayton, NC

"Halloween is my favorite season! I love to paint my nails orange, black, and purple. For a fun little treat, I do a French manicure, but with black and orange or purple." --Cassy, 14, Kanata, Canada

"My friends and I have a tradition: We always go get funky manicures during Christmas break as a "friendship trip." One time we all went with bright green polish and white tree appliqués!" --Gloria, 14, Chesterfield, MO

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