Saturday, 9 July 2011


 I would suggest checking out professional NAIL companies that will ALWAYS have education and support available to you, such as STAR NAIL (U-V acrylics and gels) Light Concept Nails ( Gels only, as far as I know----I especially love their lamp!). Check out your local distributor that you use most, and see which brands they carry, and which manufacturers have the most classes coming up in your area. That's where I would start. Learning any new system takes time and patience, and you will want the most professional technical help you can get....many have toll-free hotlines manned by professional educators to help you in a jam, between classes! When you settle on a product line take several classes, and then retake them a few months later, just to be sure. And ALWAYS beware of any companies who claim their product is so EASY to learn, that is a promise that simply can't be backed up! (Re-training to any new product whether it's a new brand or type of product is a HUGE committment) Stick with professional only products, they won't steer you wrong. If you are interested in GELS in particular keep reading on!. As for U-V cured liquid powders I have tried the STAR nails one, and liked it, as do several other techs I know, who currently use it. Return to menu

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