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This next explanation about U-V light technology can also be seen in my message is still in it's "rough draft" and un-edited, as I thougt it was pertinent info. that should be delivered to this page sooner in un-edited form, rather than later, when I get a chance to "tweak" it....hope you find it informative!
Question:U-V light technology question Barb- could you please explain why you like that uv light better than others. Have you tried the 2 handed ones? Have any studies been done to determine long term effects of the uv rays on hands? I always seem to get an itchy rash on my hands with gels or uv acrylics even if the product did not touch any skin. I think it comes from the uv rays. Thanks
ANSWERThe itchy rash would NOT be coming from the U-V lights unless you happen to be one of those rare people allergic to sunlight. Which means that you would never go outdoors w/out full protective geat, and would have to have every window shaded.....
The lighting used in U-V lamps are the same U-V (ultra-violet)rays in natural sunlight. In fact, the most harmful rays in natural sunlight have been filtered out to concentrate on the particular bandwitdh rays that most readily cure gels, w/out interference and competition from other rays in natural sunlight. 
To check this theory just leave some gel anywhere where it will be exposed to sunlight (put some gel on a a piece of paper or a nail tip, or leave out a container of it, and watch as you find that you will eventually find harderned gel (time varies by how much gel and how much sunlight it got, of course it takes LONGER than in the light because their is interferance from other natural rays).
Using just U-V A Ray to cure the gel, (again, found in natural sunlight!) speeds up the curing process by concentrating just on the ray wavelength that cures the gel faster and d w/ optimal performance. U-V A rays are also the least harmful to skin of the known sunlight rays----also, you get less exposure to the U-V A rays in these lights on your hands than you did just driving to and from your nail appt. While NOTHING in life is ever written in stone these lights are considered extremely safe with no known or reported health problems or risks. Return to menu

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