Friday, 8 July 2011


One last thought regarding the subject matter above.... Try using barrier creams (proper methods of application are somewhere in my web site...basics, wash hands, dry hands, apply foam, working into cuticles and under nails, let dry for 5 minutes ....repeat if especially sensitive...this should solve allergic responses to ANY nail product....even if you never use gels, start using a barrier cream ASAP to prevent a future allergy/sensitvity to other nail products and risk losing your career due to extreme and possibly down the road FULL-BODY sensitization...meaning not just the hands anymore...the lungs...all your skin (from eveaporating solvents.....) see my note in my web pages on this subject...I think it is wherever I put the discusssion on aromatherapy ....(guess I need an index for my site!).

As for barrier creams I personally like Dermashield because it also contains the long-acting anti-bacterial Triclosan. (See links page for web site address and phone #'s)
PS Have you checked out the offer from Light Elegance (direct link from my links page) for a trial kit w/ 5 gels (10gms each) for only $10!!!! If it's not listed on the site...just mention that Barb@Nailsplash told you and they'll give you the deal! Return to menu

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