Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nail Art Shop - Fabric Nail Art

Nail Art Shop - Fabric Nail Art

I'd like to introduce you to Fabric Nail Art shapes. These cute little fabric nail art products are great for any style, from tame to dazzling. Each style of fabric shape has its own unique attitude. “Viva La Nails” offers 5 different styles of Fabric Nail Art in 12 different colours each. This makes a total of over 60 unique possibilities!

These work great best with gel or acrylic nail extensions, but some varieties can also be used on natural nails. As a general rule, the smaller the shape the better it will adhere to a natural nail surface.

Since fabric shapes are a little tamer than other more shocking nail art elements, they are a great way for your clients to experiment without getting too wild. These are perfect for creating an elegant everyday style that is functional and attractive.

Your clients are going to just love these Fabric Stars, Hearts, Flowers, and Butterflies. Impress them by having a few different styles in stock and they will want to try them all!

Fabric Tape
Mini Flowers

Fabric Grid

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