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Oooooh Prety - Nail art Design Wild Nail Wraps

Oooooh Prety - Nail art Design Wild Nail Wraps
 Whilst at Primark last week I came across some little packs of nail wraps. I've never been too sure about nail wraps, I've heard a real mix of opinions, some people say they are better on toes than fingers, they don't wear very well, they are expensive! But on the good side there are great designs available which I have always admired like I'm a child in a sweet shop! As I have konad and bundle monster stamping kits I have always been content with replicating designs that way but when I found these at Primark I couldn't resist and at £3.00 it just had to be done!

I chose a gold Leopard print, I did see three other designs too. The pack contains 18 nail wraps (I'm not sure why its not twenty so you could get two full sets?!).
This is what they look like on the nails!

 Bangle £2.00 from Primark!

They are really easy to apply, you will need a nail file and a hair dryer to apply the wraps and you should have a gorgeous set of talons in less than 10 mins, plus no drying time required which is a huge bonus! All you need to do is gently buff the nail plate (just enough to take the shine off), gently apply the wrap and then with a hair dryer heat the wrap (be careful not to burn yourself) the wrap will now be more pliable so you can smooth it out across the nail. With the excess at the tip use a nail file to scrape over and it will gently break away. See easy!

To see how to apply the nail wraps take a look at my tutorial!

The down side to this pack is the sizes aren't great, I do have a couple of nails with gaps at the side but you wouldn't notice unless you are really inspecting them! For £3.00 they are a bargin and one tip I have is that you could use the excess pieces that you file off from your finger nail and apply them to your toes nails. In all honestly I don't know how long they will last but I have applied a top coat over the top to try and seal them a bit! I will keep you up to date on twitter to keep an eye out!

Have you tried other nail wraps? How did you get on with them? What are your recommendations for making them last longer? I would love to hear so please leave me some comments!

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