Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nail Art Shop - Glitter and Flitter

Nail Art Shop - Glitter and Flitter
Glitter - never dull, “Viva La Nails” Glitter is the real thing, high quality polyester glitter that is perfect for just about any design.

Super Glitter - is the less predictable more eccentric younger sister to regular glitter. It is the same high quality polyester based glitter, but with a much bigger punch.

Glitter Dust - the most common use for glitter dust (and one that I take advantage of frequently myself) is as a tool for creating a background. Once you have a layer of Glitter Dust laid down, you have a perfect base upon which to build your vision.

Super Glitter Dust - use Super Glitter Dust when you want to create a background for a design which is more than just a background. The holographic quality of this substance will practically hypnotize the viewer’s eyes.

Flitter - glitter are specks of shiny high quality polyester material. Flitter, are made of this same polyester, but cut into strips. Same thing, totally different look.

Super Flitter - uses high impact dazzling opaque colours that offer maximum contrast.

Super Glitter
Glitter Dust

Square Glitter
Neon Glitter
Super Neon Glitter

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