Tuesday, 12 July 2011



Always remember to keep the GEL OFF OF THE SKIN--BECAUSE YOU CANNOT REMOVE THE TACKY REDIDUE LAYER (UNCURED GEL) FROM THOSE SPOTS THAT WILL BE RESTING ON CLIENTS SKIN (can lead to allergies, irritation or skin sensitivities) on the backside of the extension. In emergencies,(not for stadard operating procedure)I keep alcohol in a nozzle squeeze bottle to try and flush those areas clear if possible---if they have been loaded up w/ skin protectant (such as Dermashield, or Gloves in a bottle before hand that will help, but not cure the problem).
I also ALWAYS recommend curing the hand UPSIDE DOWN in the lamps ANYTIME YOU HAVE DONE AN EXTENSION WITH A FORM WITH GEL , to be sure that there are no spots of uncured gel anywhere. Safety is one concern (there is no extra risk here vs any other product), where I am an extremist! When it comes to safety, (because of my chemical experience in the lab and in the pilot plant where I worked w/ products in 55 gallon barrel drums)there is no such thing as being too safe!
So, just remember,REPEATED OVEREXPOSURE to ANYTHING can lead to sensitivities and even actual allergies. Mainly I cure upside down to insure optimal strength and integrity of the nail extension, as well as to make sure free edge and sidewalls that really tunnel get complete exposure to lights for complete, if you have ever come around the table and watched how your clients place their hands in the lights'd wonder why you bother to even turn them on! Return to menu

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