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STEP-BY-STEP GEL NAIL LESSONS - Lesson #6) Gel Nail Removal Techniques

STEP-BY-STEP GEL NAIL LESSONS - Lesson #6) Gel Nail Removal Techniques


Yes, you do have to file GELS off (BUT I PREFER TO MECHANICALLY, RATHER THAN HAND FILE THEM, WITH A DRILL!), but you don't have to file it ALL off. 1st
prepare just as you would for a fill. Shorten and shape the nails, thin out the entire nail, and file flush the cuticles and sidewalls gently. At this point you
would normally go to gel application, instead you continue filing the gel until it's ALMOST gone. The key is to shorten the nails, there is no way for them to maintain the length the have become accustomed to w/ out the support of the gel enhancement. Next manicure the nails as natural nails utilizing some type of reconditioning treatment (such as paraffin wax). I recommend that clients come in one additional time for a follow up manicure w/in 1-2 weeks to assess the nails and see if any gel still remaining on the nail bed is still intact----it almost always is, because it is so thin and clear and almost imperceptible. It is
the rare occasions I've had to remove a set of gels (due to moving, finances, etc)(and I charge the same price as a fill for the procedure, and it takes about the same amount of time for removal, paraffin, manicure and
it's no bother if a client waits until her appt. to tell me she has to quit coming---more than once w/ tears in her eyes).

What surprises clients most is what GOOD shape their nails are in after the gel is removed. These clients ultimately return because of their good experience w/ gels. Gels are the wave of the future, for our clients, and for us! Don't be scared by the fact that they have to be filed off. I personally guarantee you that filing off a set of gels
properly is far less work and far less injurious to the nails, cuticles, and skin than sitting in acetone for anywhere from 15-30 and sometimes even 60 minutes!

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