Friday, 22 July 2011

Nail Art Shop - Rhinestones

Nail Art Shop - Rhinestones
As a nail technician, you need to have a large variety of options available to your clients to keep them happy. But what can you do to pacify clients who are looking for a classier high fashion attitude for their nail art?

I've located just the perfect product to satisfy this need.

Nail art rhinestones from “Viva La Nails” are elegant gemlike ornaments created from high quality plastic material with a reflective backing. These are perfect for creating designs that literally “jump out” at the viewer. The visual effect of properly applied rhinestones can be absolutely stunning.

These tiny gems are ready to be applied directly to the nail surface using a thin layer of nail polish. Place the rhinestone over this first layer, and then apply a second layer of polish once the first has dried. You might also consider using nail glue (but never super glue!) for a firmer adhesion.

Rhinestones come in over 100 (that's not a typo!) different styles at “Viva La Nails”. This makes it easy for you to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest clients. Relieved? I thought you would be!

Rhinestone Sets


Metallic Rhinestones

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