Monday, 18 July 2011

Nail Art Shop - Nail Art Stones

Nail Art Shop - Nail Art Stones
 In some circles, these gorgeous nail art accessories are referred to as “Cat Eye Stones.” This appellation is rumoured to come from their peculiar ability to change their appearance when viewed under different lighting conditions. No matter how you decide to use them, Nail Art Stones will provide a startling addition to your client's nails.

You can either work these stones in between two layers of gel while building extensions or attach them directly to the nail surface using a special nail glue. (You should not however, use ordinary super glue for this purpose!) If you use these stones along with a gel technique, this produces a wonderful three dimensional effect.

One thing that I often use these little gems for is creating flower designs. The stones look brilliant when used as the centrepiece of a flower. The contrast between this sparkling gem and the petals surrounding it is really something to see.

Your order will come in a package of 30 - 50 stones (depending on colour, exact number of stones is shown in the product's picture), in four different assorted sizes. For ease of storage, the stones will be packed in a re-sealable plastic bag. We market these stones in nine distinct colours. If your clients seem to have a few clear favourites, make sure to keep these varieties on file at all times so as not to disappoint them!

PRO Nail Art Stones
Glass Nail Art Stones
Mixed Glass Stones

Nail Art Stones - Sets

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