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More about U-V lights, gels, and allergic reactions

More about U-V lights, gels, and allergic reactions
If you are getting an itchy rash then it is most likely coming from a reaction to the gel itself, the cleanser (many of which are scented, which is why I prefer 99% alcohol), or MOST LIKELY :(this part brought to my attention by Millie, an educator at IBD, thanks for the reminder Millie!) the slight bit of uncured gel that rises to the top of a cured gel nail and removed(that tacky/sticky top layer that you remove w/ cleanser or alcohol). Since this is UNPOLYMERIZED GEL, is has the highest possibility of causing reaction.

You must be very careful when removing this "dispersion layer" to put down your wipe at the cuticle and pull off the nail bed with NO SCRUBBING OR BACK AND FORTH MOTION....only PULL the wipe straight off the nail from cuticle to free edge. Always use a new section of wipe when moving on to the next nail so as to not wipe the redidue from the last nail onto the next. each brand of gel nail s has differing amounts of this residue, some have a lot (mor potential for reactions) some have very little (they can alsmost be DRY WIPED....Trosani from Switzerland (impoted to USA and dist. by Maggie Boyd Exclusively.... and to some extent some of the LCN gels.
You may be allergic to only that brand of gels or gel a as a class (possibly the photo-initaitors, these take the place of solvents to start polymerization of the gel from liquid to solid under the lights). As far as long term studies (on gels and U-V lights)...the only studies done of course come from the tanning industry...and the medical community that has developed U_V RAY LIGHT BOXES TO HELP PEOPLE WITH S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder)...
There have not been any substantial studies in our industry (except for MMA, which is why it's banned) But I doubt that reserchers would bother w/ studues on U-V light which is less powerfull and less broad in spectrum than the U-V light we get from just walking outside...and again, the alternative: evaporation based curing is seen as a higher risk and priority for study...yet they have not done those studies yet the way, U-V cured gels/resins are used by dentists in our mouths every day...ever has a cavity filled or tooth bonded and the dentists asst. then stood their holdong a light on it in your mouth for a minute or two?.....
As for 2 handed lights...these are for drying polish, they do not have the power to cure gels properly...... in my humble opinion.....and how would you cure the thumbs if they are FACING EACH OTHER, instead of facing a u-v bulb....also, how does one work with the lamp in the middle of the workspace on the table? Just thoughts to ponder...
It's not necessarily this class of lights that I dislike (ie that I do not prefer), but the BULBS INSIDE THEM...contrary to popular manufacturer beliefs (or marketing strategy perhaps?)...u-v rays do not bounce/reflect off of "tin" foil type material (refective material) with anywhere near their initial strength (Have you ever seen a tanning bed with these tin foil "reflectors"? NO!!!!!!....point made!)
My bulb of choice for the best possible cure is the OSRAM DULUX, 9 watt, U shaped bulb! When oh when will someone besides LCN catch on and make a lamp with these bulbs!!!!!!! (THAT IS NOT A TYPO IT IS DULUX W/ A "u"). ***Update Quality Beauty Supply (see link spage) now carries a lamp with 2 (not 4) of the osram bulbs in it for about $100.

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